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Martin’s Training Centre, in association with Deborah Martin Medical Professional and Martin’s Rejuvenation Centre has set up this website (the “Site”) and video series for your personal information and education..

Please be advised that reproduction in whole or in part of this video is subject to prosecution under the Ontario Copyright Laws. The videos included herein are Not intended to substitute for personal training for procedure training or provide any certification requirements. Further study with an advanced practioner in each procedure is required prior to injections. Botox can only be injected by a medical professional ie. MD, ND, RN, RPN, LPN, NP and ALL injections must by ordered by a physician with an active medical license within that state or province. Martin’s Training Centre holds no liability for any information contained in this video – all injections are subject to the judgement of the injecting medical professional. The videos are meant to act as a guide or reminder system only.

Martin’s Training Centre owns and controls this Site. The content appearing on the Site is Martin’s Training Centre’s proprietary information, and is protected by worldwide copyright laws. You may download content for your personal non-commercial use only, but no modification or further reproduction of the Site’s content is permitted.

This Site contains information that is likely to be useful to Martin Training Centre’s existing and prospective customers, employees and shareholders. Martin’s Training Centre will use all reasonable efforts to updated the information contained herein, but makes no representation or warranties as to the accuracy, currency or completeness of any information contained herein and expressly disclaims any obligation to update said information. Some of the information contained herein might be speculative in nature, involving risks and uncertainties and be deemed forward-looking statements in nature. By way of example, such risk and uncertainties might relate to research, product development and commercialization of the products used, general industry conditions, and deviations from expected results and projections. Deborah Martin Professional Association, Martin’s Rejuvenation Centre and Martin’s Training Centre assumes no liability or responsibility in connection with such information nor for any errors or omissions in the content of this Site.

The Site might include links or references to other websites. Reference to other websites is being provided solely for convenience purposes. Martin’s Training Centre has no control over, and takes no responsibility as to the content of those sites.

When browsing the Site we might collect personally identifiable information – the treatment of which is detailed in our Privacy Policy.

Last Updated: 1st of Feb, 2014

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